Friday, 10 February 2012

lots of stuff to do

Hey long time I haven't posted anything to this I almost forgot that I have this blog. So it's 2012 and I deep in lots of work that i have to do Working on that movie stuff it goes slow because seams that we have lots of new guys in our team so our lead most of the time does tutorials to us, also I was invited with my cousin who also studies the same in the university to make this game well yeah because of the obvious reasons and it is that we are the best in our fields like art well that's me and and my cousin in modeling so yeah we are doing this game well i kind of like doing it because i can do some drawing and stuff and these days when I have lots of stuff to do drawing always is left on the side of everything. Also I started to do record time lapses of my work for future showreals and stuff and yeah here is some screenshots of what I'm up to at these days.

Concept for environment in game

aligning rig to mesh in XSI

testing cloth in UDK

Concept for environment in game