About Me

Currently I am a student of a University of Portsmouth studying Computer Games Technologies the story behind me going abroad and studying on this course is pretty simple in my young days I had this idea of studying something that I enjoy so I though what I liked and it was drawing and this newly discovered 3d world which fascinated me so my first search of studies which combined these two thing was in Lithuania which resulted in failure because there was no such thing that combined these two things only two options were available for me at that moment to study only arts or just computer science or something similar and then there began these lectures in our school suggesting us to study abroad so I looked in that and I found lots of different opportunities involving those skills and then we with few our friends started our search in universities and long story short i got unconditional offer from Portsmouth University and and the luckiest thing happened that my cousin also got in the same course. Probably they liked my interests and determination in such things and well yeah I look at these things seriously Started studying anatomy and practicing my 3D modeling skills and so far I am at the top of our course in these things.

Now I have plenty of good friends and good connections with people who worked with blockbuster movies and well known games and so far I like university life and I keep progressing in fulfilling my dream to become concept artist or creature artist in some kind of movie or game company :)