Friday, 10 February 2012

lots of stuff to do

Hey long time I haven't posted anything to this I almost forgot that I have this blog. So it's 2012 and I deep in lots of work that i have to do Working on that movie stuff it goes slow because seams that we have lots of new guys in our team so our lead most of the time does tutorials to us, also I was invited with my cousin who also studies the same in the university to make this game well yeah because of the obvious reasons and it is that we are the best in our fields like art well that's me and and my cousin in modeling so yeah we are doing this game well i kind of like doing it because i can do some drawing and stuff and these days when I have lots of stuff to do drawing always is left on the side of everything. Also I started to do record time lapses of my work for future showreals and stuff and yeah here is some screenshots of what I'm up to at these days.

Concept for environment in game

aligning rig to mesh in XSI

testing cloth in UDK

Concept for environment in game

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Ahh this one is old, something like 6 moths but I like it, though few things that i don't like on this and it bugs me every time i take a look at it is hands and abs they are just wrong I need to revise my anatomy and lean more posing stuff. hmm planing to get kitty one day that is one of my goals, ok that's enough for now.  see ya

Monday, 11 April 2011

Ok here it is

OK it's now 4 months from when I started this blog. My first semester at uni went well even better then I expected "nice". And still I find it hard to force myself to write something ass always "lol" soo what happened during these months first thing probably it would be that we started to make games at last and its quite harder than I thought because it involves lots of stuff that I don't like like skinning and rigging damn those things but I need to learn them after all. Second thing is about the movie we are working on in the uni oh yeah you don't know on what kind of movie I'm working on at the time I am one of the creatures department guys movie involves wolves and  this girl and it is settled in on mountain I think .. hmm that's enough with that movie. aaand other things i like where my drawings go they kind of improve right in my eyes "lol".

Started to make make my portfolio website and I noticed that I need to do more 3d work and quite polished 2d stuff . Enough for this time, later on I'm going to post some of my work I think this blog need more colours.

see ya

Friday, 31 December 2010

"I'm not going there to die. I'm going there to find out if i'm really alive"- Spike Spiegel

Happy New Year :) and this will be the first post to my blog. I created this blog to record my progress in life, studies, and other things... currently I am a studying Computer games technologies in University of Portsmouth. ok for the begging this will be ok probably will add more details why I am started this blog latter when I will be more sober after the new years. So pk bye for now.